Paperwork Needed For Tax Problem Resolution

Question: I’ve finally decided to seek help from a Tax Professional who specializes in Tax Problem Resolution.  I want to start getting my paperwork together for the appointment; what will I need to bring with me?

Answer:  It’s very important to have certain documentation with you for the initial interview.  Your tax resolution specialist will need this info to determine the best way to move forward to resolve your tax issues.  The items to bring include:

  • The most recent IRS/State tax notices and collection letters;
  • Copies of your last two years of filed income (1040) tax returns;
  • A monthly household cash flow budget by expense category (list all outflows of money)
  • Your most recent paystubs with YTD info verifying income from all sources and all withholdings and payroll deductions;
  • If you are self-employed, an independent contractor, or small business owner, prepare a “rough draft” current profit and loss statement. If this is not possible, just bring your Schedule C from your most recently filed 1040;
  • A list of any quarterly estimated tax payments made, if any, for the current year

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