Do You Need Back Tax Help?

Need back tax help?

You may have forgotten to pay your taxes, but the IRS never forgets! Tax Penalties and Interest can more than double what you owe to the IRS and the number just keeps growing. Its a liability that can haunt you for decades. Its not just an inconvenience, its a serious problem that can ruin your life and the life of those around you.

What Can the IRS Do?

Just think how embarrassing it is to have the IRS contact: Your Bank, Your Employer or Your Business Clients.

They can even collect from your spouse and any asset under their name. That can destroy your credibility and your relationships.

How Will the IRS Collect?

The IRS begins its collection process in stages (IRS Tax Lien, IRS Tax Levy, IRS Seizure of Assets). Each stage gets more invasive than the next. If you get a Tax Lien Notification in the mail, then you are already on a downward spiral unless you resolve the problem.

We Can Help!

As a licensed CPA firm, we understand the rules that are buried in the federal tax code and we use these laws to your advantage. The federal tax code changes every year and you need a tax specialist who understands those changes and can address the needs of your specific situation.

The IRS is expecting you to write them a huge check today for everything they think you owe! So, you can write them a big fat check…or…you can choose our established Texas CPA firm that specializes in IRS representation and will listen to what caused your problem and design a solution that really works for you. We will utilize every legitimate law to protect your assets, lower your tax debt and get you on a program you can live with.

You don’t have to live in fear of the IRS. Get the back tax help you need.