Help With Penalties & Interest

Question:  I do not have the funds to pay what I owe for my 2019 income tax return.  I also was late in filing the return. Not only is the IRS demanding the tax I owe, but they have slapped on these huge amounts for penalties and interest.  I had extenuating circumstances that caused all of this. This isn’t fair…what can I do?

Answer:  We can request the removal (abatement) of penalties 2 ways:  1) “First Time” Penalty Abatement and 2) a Reasonable Cause Argument. The IRS writes off billions of dollars in penalties each and every year, but you must know how to do it correctly. A First Time Penalty Abatement  (FTP) can be requested if you have a “clean” compliance record, meaning you have not incurred a Failure to File or Failure to Pay penalty for the 3 years preceding the year you are requesting relief for.  FTP is generally granted in most cases, regardless of what the underlying reason is, if you are eligible.

If you do not qualify under FTP, there are nine (9) “Reasonable Cause” arguments to get your penalties removed. Your Tax Resolution Specialist will guide through what documentation is needed to submit a formal legal request in writing.  For instance, let’s say you were going through a divorce and you ex-spouse withheld records from you needed to file a complete and accurate income tax return and you filed your return late because of this.  You could request abatement of these penalties under one of the “reasonable cause” arguments.

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