We Can Answer Your IRS Questions

Question: I have a huge tax amount owed to the IRS and they are harassing me and I need help.  I got a quote from a national firm which seems extraordinarily low.  Why should I go with you?

Answer:  If someone quoted you a bargain basement fee, think about this: do you think an experienced tax resolution CPA, EA or attorney worth their “salt” would work for peanuts? – Especially given the fact that IRS Representation is a highly valued skill set.  You usually get what you pay for in this world we live in today. This is your financial life and the stakes are very high. If you needed heart surgery, would you shop around for the least expensive surgeon or would you get the very best you can find? The same holds true for dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Having IRS problems can ruin all aspects of your life, your marriage, relationships with your children and family members, your employment, ability to buy a house, a car, money for retirement or even have a bank account.  You want the best possible person for the job, not the cheapest.

Your IRS debt doubles every 6-8 years due to the daily compounding effect of interest and penalties and the IRS has at least 10 years to collect from you to so hand this off to the lowest bidder in town is probably not a wise decision.  You’ll have peace of mind and sleep better at night knowing that we’re working hard on your case to get you the lowest possible settlement, allowed by law, with the IRS!

We at Jim Matthews CPA are experts in tax problem resolution and help taxpayers like you with their IRS Problems every day.  Call us today at 972-613-3034 for your free, no obligation consultation.