Financial Crimes Detective and Wife Head to Jail for Fraud and Tax Evasion!

Stephanie Roskovski, the COO of Butler Memorial Hospital, was sentenced for mail fraud and filing a false tax return. Her husband, Scott Roskovski, was sentenced for filing a false tax return and submitting a false loan application.

From 2011 to 2017 Stephanie Roskovski embezzled more than 1.3 million dollars from her employer. She used her corporate credit card to make personal purchases and submitted false reimbursement requests. She also purchased hundreds of gift cards totaling more than $350,000, and claimed they were for focus groups and physicians. Instead, she and her husband used the gift cards for personal use.

In an ironic twist, during that time, Scott Roskovski was employed as a detective with the Butler County District Attorney’s office investigating financial crimes, including theft and fraud.

The Roskovskis spent the majority of the stolen funds on lavish vacations, including a $68,000 trip to Hawaii,  renovations to their home, and the purchase and operation of a motocross track. They did not report any of the fraud proceeds as income on their tax returns. Stephanie Roskovski was sentenced to 51 months in prison and Scott was sentenced to 30 months. The total tax loss to the IRS was $397,342. Restitution to Butler Memorial Hospital and the IRS will be determined at a later date.