Coked-Out, Brazen Car Dealership CFO Doing 63 Months in the Gray Bar Hotel!

Tamra Villareal and her ex-husband Robert have been sentenced to 63 months and 87 months in jail, respectively, for tax evasion and defrauding Tamra’s employer, Richardson Enterprises. The company owns car dealerships in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

As the CFO of the company, Tamra had access to bank accounts and credit cards that she and her ex-husband used freely beginning in 2009. The couple stole funds to purchase a 2.7 million dollar house and to pay for travel, hotels, restaurant tabs, luxury cars, lavish jewelry, rare American coins from the 1800s, gold bars, art, a collection of designer handbags and clothes valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. During a four-day period in the summer of 2016 the couple charged $72,578.27 for three meals at a Houston restaurant on a company credit card.

Robert Villareal’s longer prison sentence is the result of an additional charge of possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.

The couple has been ordered to pay restitution to Richardson Enterprises in the amount of $15,941,452.87 and $4,243,649 to the IRS.