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Tax Refunds Taking Longer Than Usual

From Forbes – Ashlea Ebeling, Senior Contributor Wondering where your tax refund is? In its Covid-19 operations update, the Internal Revenue Service has added an explanation for why in many cases it’s taking longer than the typical 21 days to process tax refunds for individual taxpayers. We’re talking about tax returns filed for the 2020 tax year during the 2021 … Read More

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Tax Filing For Gig Workers

Are you a gig worker? You may or may not realize special tax filing specifications you have. The following is excellent information from Liz Farmer, Senior Contributor at Forbes Magazine: The number of gig workers in America has been growing in recent years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that trend. Before the pandemic, around 41 million Americans were already classified as … Read More

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What does Offer In Compromise mean to you?

Let’s talk about the offer-in-compromise for a moment. It’s a program you hear a lot about. You hear the term pennies on the dollar quite often in advertisements for companies wishing to help you settle your IRS debt. They are alluding to the Offer in Compromise. It is a program by the IRS to help tax payers settle their entire … Read More

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Guide to Working From Home

Working from home? It may be time to put the professionals at Jim Matthews CPA on speed dial! Recent reports show that as many as 35.2% of US workers are working entirely from home. So what does this mean for their taxes and deducting their home office? Consider the following tips below, from Forbes: You are not self-employed just because … Read More

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SCAM Alert

Beware of Scammers on the Hunt For COVID-19 Stimulus Checks The IRS is urging citizens to be on high alert for scams related to the COVID-19 economic impact payments. While more than 80 million taxpayers who opted for direct deposit should have already received the payment, millions more will receive the stimulus via a check in the mail. US Attorneys … Read More