Very Personable

I was referred to Mr. Matthews in 2015 by my father-in-law. I have been looking for a CPA to assist me with not only the preparation of my personal annual taxes but also an attempt at an offer in compromise that I have been trying to complete since 2008. I have used three other accountants and were extremely unhappy with the services that I had received. My wife and I grew to like Jim really quickly he’s very personable he’s very knowledgeable and he’s very very good at what he does. Thanks to Jim we have finally realized a freedom that is hard to explain he was able to get us an offer in compromise that was around 7 percent of what our total debt was to the IRS which was a mere pennies on the dollar. I cannot say enough about this gentleman we finally have a freedom From tax debt that my wife and I felt we would never ever ever have at a cost that was very reasonable for these types of services.

If you’re needing just a simple CPA to take care of your taxes for you or someone who knows the laws and will work on your behalf to free up your tax debt I cannot recommend a better one in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Jim was a godsend to us we thank him every day for what he’s done for myself and my family he’s a great great guy. Needless to say he will be our CPA until he fires us!