Outstanding Service

I wanted to take time out of my assiduous schedule to say thank you of the outstanding service render by your tax firm. I was certainly in a conundrum, when I came to your office several years ago. I honestly didn’t see any way out of the monstrous debt that the IRS was demanding me to pay. You walked me through one of the darkest hours of my life. I was facing a $365,000 debt , that would take me for the rest of my life and beyond to payoff, because of the interest that was constantly accumulating. The IRS had made my life miserable by calling Churches that I had serve in ministry, and issuing them a summon to turn over any and all funds still owe to me. I went through bank accounts being levied and constant calls and visitations by a Revenue Officer. As it relates to having to explain my current circumstance to Pastors before returning to their church, was not only stressful, but it was embarrassing as well. As a leader in my community to have my name and business made public the way the IRS went about it, was exceptionally painful. I’m grateful that God led me to your firm over some 6-7 years ago. I have recommended your firm to several people and will continue to do so.