How Can I Pay My Federal Taxes With Installments or Monthly Payments?

Every year, there are millions of taxpayers who find themselves unable to pay their taxes in full to the IRS. The IRS knows there will be some taxpayers coming up short. The good news is the federal government is happy to work with you. The bad news is, they’re relentless in their collection of back taxes and if left unattended, … Read More

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3 Tax Resolution Strategies the IRS Offers

Taxes are a fact of life, but tax problems shouldn’t be. If you find yourself in tax trouble, the IRS has clear plans for how to proceed in collecting what they believe you owe. After sending you notices, the IRS can garnish your wages, levy your bank account, even put a lien on your property. However, the IRS also has … Read More

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What to Do If You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

No one likes filing their taxes, but not filing them at all is never a good idea. The IRS is a powerful collection agency, and an unforgiving one. Getting on the bad side of the tax agency is not fun, and having years of unfiled returns is one of the worst moves you can make. No matter what the reason, … Read More

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Tax Resolution and Your Finances: What is an Offer in Compromise?

Owing money to the IRS can be frightening to say the least. It is easy to feel helpless in such a situation but you should not let fear and feelings of helplessness freeze you into inaction. Every day you wait is one more day interest and penalties are accruing, and those charges could balloon your liabilities and wreck your finances. … Read More

Pay Off Back Taxes

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Why This Should Be The Year You Pay Off Back Taxes

Back Taxes: According to the IRS, more than 13.2 million Americans owe back taxes. The majority of these cases involve amounts that seem impossible to pay off. That leaves those tax-owing Americans in a difficult position. They want to pay, but they can’t, and the end result is feeling a lot of guilt about the situation. There is no easy … Read More

Filing your Taxes

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4 Mistakes That You Don’t Want to Make When Filing Your Taxes.

(Filing Mistakes Could Land You In Tax Trouble) It can be a stressful experience preparing your taxes and filing them. It canbe even more stressful however, if you make these mistakes that land youinto tax trouble. It’s important to remember that if you make mistakes that are serious enough, you might end up triggering an audit of your tax return … Read More

IRS Currently not Collectible Status - Tax Help

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What is Currently Not Collectible Status from The IRS?

Big companies are known for getting all sorts of breaks, but when average people fall behind, they rarely receive help. When you owe back taxes, but can’t afford to pay them, then you may qualify for a special tax status known as currently not collectible. If you’re approved for currently not collectible status, then the IRS must not only cease … Read More